2 Efficient Social Media Strategies to Help Organize and Promote Conferences

Not only is social media a powerful and efficient tool to help promote a conference you wish to organize, nowadays it is also an essential part of the event’s success. To increase attendance and the overall interest around your brand, follow these tried and tested social media strategies. There are much more you should look into. These are the essentials. Encourage users to spread the word about the conference You

The Top 4 Upcoming Conferences and Shows in Canada

From tech to home building, here are the four best upcoming conferences and trade shows in Canada. International Conference on Computer Science Networks and Information Technology From August 9th to 10th 2019, at the ESG UQAM, in Montreal This event focused on computer science and information technology is an all-round excellent forum to share knowledge and leverage results. All job functions in the area are represented at the conference. The