What You Should Know About the Web 2.0 Summit

From 2004 to 2011, the Web 2.0 Summit, an annual event revolving around technology and the Internet, was organized by Tim O’Reilly (also the founder), his company O’Reilly Media, and entrepreneur John Battelle. Every year, the event was held in San Francisco, California. Throughout the years, the Web 2.0 Summit featured some of the most influential and successful leading figures in the web community. Before we dive deeper into the

3 Steps to Successfully Organize an Event Over the Internet

Nowadays, so many people browse the Internet, that it is natural to think of resorting to the online world to promote and manage an event, whatever the type. Here are three essential steps to success. Get the latest management software You are surely aware that planning, organizing and managing an event involves taking care of multiple tasks all at once. It is essential that you ensure that each and every

5 of the Best Startup Companies Working in the Events Business

We are finally seeing a wave of innovation and diversification in the events business. These are five of the startups leading the conversation. Eat in My Seat The immediate reaction of “wow, that is quite a great idea” is common to most people who hear about the concept of the startup Eat in My Seat. The value is all in the simplicity and functionality. With the Eat in My Seat