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Hi there! Welcome to Mashup Event. Come along and learn more about our team and our work! We are an online magazine dedicated to providing the best go-to insights on conferences and events, particularly in our home country of Canada, but also around the world.

We don’t focus solely on telling attendees which are the best events in the year’s calendar and how they can make sure to secure their tickets. A big part of our work has to do with producing the most helpful, relevant, clear and updated content directed at event planners and marketers, just like many of us here at Mashup Event are.

To get a better grasp of what we’re trying to convey, here are some of the topics you will be able to find when browsing our online magazine. How to leverage the power of the Internet to plan, organize and manage an event, and which social media strategies are the most efficient to boost the success of a conference.

However, those of you who came year to get the scoop on the best shows to attend have all the info you want, as well. We write about the top upcoming events in Canada, and even about which resources from the digital era can help you have a much more enjoyable and practical time at the event.

You will quickly be able to tell that our core topics pertain to tech, the web, social media and business innovation. If that is your cup of tea, sit back, stick around, and become a smarter event participant, whether you are an attendee or a planner.